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We are what we repeatedly do

David & Mandy

This is David and Mandy. This curious looking photo of them was taken a few years ago in 2016. It is a story that we tell our new team members and we'd like to share it with you.

David and Mandy started Ander Marketing in 1985. Back then, they didn't have any money or resources. They started by knocking on doors to get business. They had many doors slammed in their faces. It was tough and every customer was hard-won. They worked hard and grew the business over time. After knocking on countless doors, David and Mandy learnt a simple principle. Provide quality work and service and customers will naturally come.

Around the time this photo was taken in 2016, we were stuck on an issue with a custom design project. Normally, we use a UV-light activated adhesive to firmly attach trophy bodies to their bases. A UV lamp is used to cure this adhesive. However, the customer had specified a very rich, dark coloured glaze for the design. No one anticipated that the much darker colour would filter out the UV light. There was a risk that the adhesive would not fully cure and the trophy body may detach from the base after some time.

This risk was not acceptable.

Translation: We must do a good job for the customer.


There were over a hundred trophies to deliver. No other adhesives worked satisfactorily. Higher powered UV lamps could only be shipped from overseas and would take far too long to arrive. We were running out of time to find a solution.

From Mandy’s years of experience, the best option left was the sun. Exposure to strong direct sunlight and high temperatures will cure the adhesive. In Singapore, daily temperatures peak at around 34°C. This was the best time of day to do the work but also meant we had to work in the heat.

Working under the sun
Working under the sun

And we did. For three days, we baked under the hot sun to do the work properly. For all the technology and machines that we employ in our modern setup, it still boils down to our people. The trophies were done properly and delivered on time. Our customer never knew what happened behind the scenes. We set high standards. We take pride in doing good work. We are what we repeatedly do.

This is our DNA. It is literally baked into us.

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We set high standards

We are what we repeatedly do

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