Finishing Options

Information on the different finishing effects available for your trophies and plaques

Laser Engraving

Suitable for: Acrylic, Metal

Laser engraving creates a white frosted finish on the surface of acrylic awards. The effect is created by burning tiny points on the surface to form the desired artwork. We have refined this process to achieve precise engraving of fine artwork details.

When laser engraving metal plates, the laser burns away the plating to reveal the base material colour. In such situations, the logo and text would normally appear in either gold or silver colour.

Colour Print

Suitable for: Acrylic, Crystal, Jade glass, Metal plate

Colour printing is a premium finishing that recreates logos, photographs and text in full colour. With a bit of creativity, stunning effects can be achieved.

We use the latest technology to directly print on the award surface with a special ink that is cured by UV light.

Colour printing requires a flat print surface for the best results.


Suitable for: Crystal

Sandblasting creates a white frosted finish on the surface of the material. We use a stream of fine abrasive particles at high pressue to carve intricate logos and text into the award material.

Also known as sandcarving, it is a premium process that requries skilled hands and takes a long time to master.

We can also infill the engraved areas with coloured pigments like gold or silver for added effect.

Inner Laser Engraving

Suitable for: Crystal, Jade glass

Inner laser engraving is magical. Your artwork is engraved within the material, leaving the surface completely untouched. A range of fascinating options like photographic motifs and 3D designs can be achieved.

In this process, we focus a laser beam to make thousands of microfractures within the material. These appear as fine white dots that come together to form your artwork.

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