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How we think about sustainability & what we do about it

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Our sustainability efforts center on material, process and people.
To do more good for our environment and to do less harm.

More & Less.

Keep it simple. Do it well. Don't stop.
Local wood from felled urban trees | Ander Marketing Singapore

We choose materials

What do we use to make your awards more sustainable

More recycled materials

Using more recycled materials reduces the need for new resources. We take material that would have been thrown away and craft it into something beautiful and meaningful.

Recycled plastic
Plastic like bottle caps, shampoo bottles & detergent containers are usually discarded. However, we collect, sort, clean, shred, remelt, and then create captivating trophies from this material.

Upcycled wood
In Singapore, urban trees are felled for development or trimmed for roadside safety. We reclaim and repurpose this local wood in our designs and give them new life and meaning as symbols of achievement.

More renewable materials

Bamboo is a prime example of a renewable material that we use in our designs. Bamboo grows and matures quickly, regrows from its roots, and requires minimal resources, making it an eco-friendly choice of material.

More easily recycled materials

Products made from a single material are typically more straightforward to recycle, whereas items consisting of multiple materials often face challenges in the recycling process due to their complex composition. Hence, we opt for materials like aluminium, acrylic and cardboard for our awards and packaging based on this principle.

3D Printing | Ander Marketing Singapore

We refine processes

How do we make your awards more sustainably

Less material used

We consistently strive to create trophy designs that achieve the desired aesthetic but use less material.

Less waste generated

New technology
We adopt new technologies like 3D printing into our processes. This innovation creates trophies layer by layer, using only the necessary materials, leaving behind little to no waste.

We put in place processes to collect and recycle all production offcuts like aluminium and acrylic.

Less energy used

We strike a balance between productivity and environmental responsibility by employing modern production equipment, energy-efficient lighting and air conditioning. Our approach extends beyond systems to individual actions. Small steps like turning off equipment and appliances when not in use have been part of our operating culture laid down since the company started back in 1985 and such small actions accumulate to become significant over time.

We develop people

Who will make the effort to make sustainability work

More knowledge & skills

We invest in educating and training our team about the significance of sustainability. By fostering awareness and knowledge, we empower every team member to take environmentally responsible actions, aligning with our goal to shaping a more eco-conscious future.

Less defects & waste

We consistently work to improve both individual skills and collaborative teamwork within our team. Coordinated efforts and proficient skills drive streamlined operations, elevate production accuracy and quality, culminating in a substantial reduction of production defects and waste.

We don't stop

We promise relentless consistency. We work to do all of the above all the time for you and our environment.

No big fancy words.
We make our concepts and plans simple.
More & Less.
Keep it simple. Do it well. Don't stop.

Jie Han

Making your trophy | Ander Marketing Singapore

We set high standards

We are what we repeatedly do

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